India 200MW Project

India 200MW Project

Suntech has agreed to hand over 200MW of solar panels to Indian private power producer Adani Power for a project in India's Tamil Nadu state.

The plant currently in pre-development will be the biggest individual solar project across the globe, said Suntech. Adani Power will develop, design, build and operate the PV installation.

The news follows Suntech and Adani's recent completion of a 9.3MW plant in the country.

Suntech president Haibo Xiong said: "After recently completing a 9.3 MW project with Adani Power in Gujarat, India, we're excited to be continuing our partnership with Adani Power, who has proven to be an important and strong partner to have in developing the solar industry in the region and in India.

"We expect that this 200 MW project is the breaking point for Suntech's presence in India as we continue to collaborate with Adani Power."

The mega PV project will employ Suntech's Vem PV series modules.